Staff - Team Touche'
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Tedd Padgitt is the proud owner and operator of the finest fencing studio in San Diego: the Team Touché Fencing Center in Sorrento Valley.

In 2008, Megan won gold at the UCSD Bladerunner competition, earning herself a B-rating (she went on to place Top 8 at Bladerunner in 2013 and 2014)

Coach Eduard was first introduced to fencing at 8 years old but had been exposed to fencing from the day he was born.

Joanne started fencing with Coach Tedd at the age of 11 as one of the first students at the newly created Team Touché Fencing Center.

Alexander was born in city Baku, Azerbaijan. He started fencing at the young age of 12 and became Master of Sport at age 17. As a naturally born competitor, he joined the Junior and Cadet National Team. At 18, he joined senior National Team.

Coach Andrew has almost two decades of fencing experience beginning with a park
and rec class when he was still in high school.

Clinton Vuong graduated from UC San Diego in 2013 with a degree in Economics. His aspirations in business led him to Team Touché.

Braydon was first exposed to fencing at the age of nine when he started taking fencing classes at a recreation center in North Carolina.

Scott Farrell, an accomplished historical interpreter and author on various topics of knights, medieval history and chivalry.