College Track - Team Touche'
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College Track

Jackson Crane

When I was accepted into MIT I was really excited. Fencing with Coach Tedd helped a lot. He contacted the MIT coach and it helped with admissions.

Elijah Granet

Columbia is my dream school. I was lucky to have so much help with admissions. Team Touché and Spartak was a recipe for success. Now I'm a member of the NCAA National Championship team. We even met President Obama!

Philippe Guy

Team Touché was a great place to work and fence. Harvard is amazing!

Alex Leonelli

Being so close to UC San Diego made it super easy to connect with the program. UCSD was a top choice for me.

Jaena Han

Fencing, music and grades got me accepted to the best university in the world- Stanford! Thanks Coach Tedd!

David Gustafson

Coach Tedd made a movie of me fencing foil, epee and sabre. After, we sent that into Coach Mormando and he was very impressed. Team Touché really helped through the admissions process. Thanks Coach!

Ciara Hegli

Fencing and working at Team Touche definitely helped me stand out and get accepted to Drexel University. Now I study music business and audio engineering with industry professionals in Philadelphia. Things couldn't have turned out better for me!