Swords of Chivalry

Learn how to wield a medieval longsword, as well as the values of honor and chivalry, and the warrior’s code.
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Summer Camps are Here!

June 16 – August 29

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call 858-622-9696 or email TTFC today!


Free Class

We love introducing beginners to the world of fencing. Ask us how to participate in a complimentary class.
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After School Fencing

Some of our schools include: Innovations Academy             Magnolia School                               La Jolla Country Day             Longfellow School                 Museum School
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Seasonal Camps!

Whether your child dreams of being a Medieval Knight, a Shakespearean actor or an Olympic athlete, we have the perfect seasonal camp experience! We hold four seasonal camps per year.
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Contact Coach Tedd

Coach Tedd and the pro staff at Team Touché are awaiting your call or email. Let us know how we can assist you today!
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All-Star Pro Staff

Coach Tedd (left) wins Bladerunner Tournament 2005, 2009
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11468 Sorrento Valley Rd. Ste. A-1, SD, CA 92121

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June 16-August 29

Advanced Summer Camp, Fencing Camp, and Warrior Camp

Any questions or help registering

call 858-622-9696 or email TTFC today!

Team Touché, San Diego’s premier fencing club, with more than 150 active members, helps refine free-swinging students into deft deflectors and Z-carving virtuosos while providing a fun and engaging fitness activity.  Pursue whole-body fitness while partaking in a new physical and exciting experience at the Team Touché Fencing Center (TTFC).

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