Andrew Anfora – Sabre Coach - Team Touche'
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Andrew Anfora – Sabre Coach

Andrew Anfora

Sabre Coach

Coach Andrew has almost two decades of fencing experience beginning with a park
and rec class when he was still in high school. While attending UCSD he was a walk-
on member of UCSD’s NCAA fencing team and a teammate of Coach Tedd for three
years. Andrew quickly showed an aptitude for sabre that remains his primary
weapon. He was captain of the sabre squad for three years and overall team captain
for two years leading UCSD’s team to one of its best seasons to date. In 2002 he was
the individual men’s sabre champion for the Intercollegiate Fencing Conference of
Southern California, NCAA region runner up and a participant in the 2002 NCAA
After graduating from UCSD with a bachelor’s degree in microbiology, he moved to
Wisconsin to pursue a Ph.D. at the University of Wisconsin and continued fencing at
the UW Fencing Club. While at UW Andrew helped the fencing club secure its first
major grant and met his eventual wife in the fencing club.
Andrew completed his doctorate and returned to San Diego shortly after TTFC
opened and has been involved with the club in various capacities for the last decade.
When not coaching fencing, he works as a field application scientist in the biotech
industry and travels the globe training laboratories in cutting edge genomic
Andrew’s coaching philosophy it to have an open dialogue with students to ensure
their concerns are met and make sure they are developing into confident,
completive fencers.