Advanced Classes - Team Touche'
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Advanced Classes

After at least 3 months of beginner classes, students may be invited up to join a highly competitive set of classes: Top Dog foil, epee or sabre. These advanced athletes will have a chance to be challenged by attentive coaches who expect a student’s best effort; they will be led through complex strategy games that help them overcome their opponents actions effortlessly; and they will learn what it takes to achieve personal success and success at the highest levels of competition. First, we train the student how to think like a competitive fencer. Subsequently they improve on the fundamentals of fencing to lay the foundation for a serious, competitive athlete.

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  • Top Dog classes train the student to succeed at tournaments and to find their personal best. Competing is required.
  • Top Dog encourages students to socialize with other students (online and offline in appropriate manners). Students are required to help guide new students, coach peers and cheer on their classmates.
  • Take Part in our brand new Friday Night Sparring Practices: parents socialize and get a chance to relax with some wine and cheese, while the Top Doggers make new friends, and practice skills with assistance from coaches and staff.  6:00pm – 8:30pm for all foil, epee and sabre.

Program Options

Advanced classes currently unavailable. Ask us about private lessons and sparring!