Programs - Team Touche'
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3 Weapon Beginner Classes

At TTFC students learn precise, competitive technique along with the strategy and the analytical skills that all great fencers possess. Classes are light-hearted and entertaining because we know people learn new skills the fastest while they are having fun! Our classes include games that develop hand-eye coordination and footwork skills while providing a low-pressure and energized environment to allow these skills to grow, for example we play games like dodge ball and Simon Sez. Team Touché fencing Center offers fencing classes for students of all ages and abilities. We offer classes catered to children as well as adults. And our family classes are a great opportunity for parents to try the sport with their children. We also offer wheelchair fencing or seated fencing classes for the physically disabled. Regardless of age or physical ability, the Team Touché Fencing Center is ready to teach you to fence!

Advanced Top Dog Classes

After at least 3 months of beginner classes, students may be invited up to join a highly competitive set of classes: Top Dog foil, epee or sabre. These advanced athletes will have a chance to be challenged by attentive coaches who expect a student’s best effort; they will be led through complex strategy games that…

Fencing Camps

It’s time for summer fencing camps at Team Touché! Complete and mail in the Summer ’16 Registration Form. Click here for Warrior Camp Information! Whether your child dreams of being a Medieval Knight, a Shakespearean actor or an Olympic athlete, we have the perfect summer camp experience! Campers begin the morning with Olympic foil, epee and sabre fencing….

Private Lessons

Private lessons can be scheduled with a particular coach at the club. Students will work one on one with a coach to develop technique and tactics. One lesson runs for 20 minutes, with students expected to arrive 10 minutes early to warm up. Lessons can be purchased individually or in a package.

Open Fencing

Team Touché offers the fencing center every evening Monday through Friday for sparring practice. One may either pay a monthly membership fee for this privilege or pay per session.


En Garde! And prepare for your most memorable event ever! Make your next birthday party a fun and engaging fitness activity! We offer birthday party services at our facility. For PRICING, scroll down. The Party Safety: all safety equipment is provided for the participants. Safety is always paramount to Team Touche instructors. Scheduling: we entertain…