Raúl Perojo Valdes - Coach - Team Touche'
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Raúl Perojo Valdes – Coach

Raúl Perojo Valdes

3 Weapon Coach

Coach Raúl was born in Havana, Cuba. With his degree in physical culture and sports, he translated his knowledge to his world of fencing. Raúl was a member of the Cuban Foil Team for 14 years – a winner of all categories in Cuba, youth, cadets, and also a 6-time National Champion in the majors. At the international level, he was one of the best foilist’s of his time – ranking 8th place in the world in 1998. Throughout his career he has achieved the following awards: world finalist, champion of world cups, several medals in Pan-American and Central American sports games, world champion in the world university team (1999). His team won 2 world bronze medals as the head coach of the National Fencing Team of Mexico. Mexico’s Team grew greatly in prestige when coach Raúl brought them to the Central Pan American Games. He also worked with the national team of Baja California, where his students currently are part of the the National Team of Mexico. Prior to his arrival at TTFC, he worked as a head coach in Boston and Miami. Raúl and his lovely wife Meylin Quintana have three children – Rey Raúl of 14 years, Angie of 3 and Denzel of 10 months. Raúl’s a huge fan of Cuban salsa and loves to dance. His wife was also an athlete of the National Team of Women’s Foil in Cuba in the year 2000. Having early health issues, Raúl could not participate in the Olympic Games but has great hopes that his pupils will achieve that dream for him.