Tedd Padgitt – Head Coach & Owner - Team Touche'
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Tedd Padgitt – Head Coach & Owner

Tedd Padgitt

Head Coach & Owner

Coach Tedd is respected by many as the premier three-weapon coach in San Diego as well as one of the top instructors in the United States.
He is pursuing the Olympic dream (Tokyo 2020) with his original student, Nicole Pustilnik, currently the #1 Junior foilist in the United States. Coach Tedd and Nicole have been representing Israel for the past 2 years, fencing in tournaments all around the globe. He is the only instructor in San Diego who has this level of coaching experience. His abilities as a strip coach and as a tactician are respected as a major advantage for Team Touche students at national and international competitions.
Coach Tedd’s students boast national titles in foil, epee, and sabre – a rare feat few coaches can claim. He has achieved this level of success through careful matching of various tactical schemes to students’ specific abilities and  their personality types.
If a beginner student is willing to work hard, Coach Tedd guarantees achievement of predetermined goals. If  an advanced student needs guidance, ask him how to achieve your highest aspirations.