Tedd Padgitt – Head Coach & Owner - Team Touche'
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Tedd Padgitt – Head Coach & Owner

Tedd Padgitt

Head Coach & Owner

Tedd Padgitt is the proud owner and operator of the finest fencing studio in San Diego: the Team Touché Fencing Center in Sorrento Valley.

A competitive fencer for nearly 30 years, Padgitt consistently placed in the top 32 in the country. Many of his accomplishments include being the 2005 Pacific Coast Foil Champion and winning the Pacific Coast overall foil points title in the 2005 and in 2006. Coach Padgitt has also made three trips to NCAA nationals achieving top 20 in the collegiate nation. While training with the Hungarian Olympic team in Budapest, he learned the finer points of foil and sabre.

Coach Padgitt prides himself in his ability to teach children; he understands that the best way to coach children is through positive reinforcement. He believes in the power of humor to overcome adversity.

When he’s not fencing, Tedd is body surfing, hiking local trails or playing with his son, Teddy.