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School Programs

En Garde. Ready? FENCE!

Team Touché has years of experience working at schools, with a number of program options available for instruction through your local school or community. We organize and coach after school programs, in-school athletic courses, ISPE, instructor training, and of course we’re always happy to send out coaches to do demonstrations of Olympic fencing!

Children thrust and lunge their way to victory in a class taught by fun, energetic fencing professionals. Students improve their problem-solving skills, body control, and cardio fitness in this exhilarating, up-tempo class. Cheer on your fledgling fencer during the Olympic-style fencing tournament in the last class.


Team Touché carries liability insurance up to $2 million, including coverage for worker’s compensation insurance. Individual schools will be named on each insurance policy.


All safety equipment will be provided by Team Touché. Fencing is one of the safest Olympic sports, with fewer injuries than badminton, swimming, or even table tennis. If your school’s insurance policy prohibits the use of metallic fencing weapons, we are happy to tailor our curriculum by using plastic and rubber-tipped fencing swords.


We are happy to perform demonstrations of fencing for school carnivals/fairs, or even for PTA meetings. These events would include a history of fencing, from 17th century dueling weapons through modern Olympic fencing, demonstrations of electric fencing, and opportunities for kids (and adults) to try fencing using our plastic fencing foils.


We will gladly donate Team Touché gift certificates for school fundraisers or auctions.

Instructor Training

Are you a teacher or administrator at a San Diego school? We’d be happy to train you in fencing instruction so that you can start your own independent school program! We can also help with equipment and other technical issues. Please contact us at for more information.


Team Touché works with local school districts as part of the Independent Study in Physical Education (ISPE) program. Students have meetings with coaches throughout the year to discuss goals and individualized training plans. Contact for information about signing up for the ISPE program.