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Evolve Physical Therapy & Advanced Wellness

Caring For Your Body

Take your physical wellness to the next level! Physical therapy helps athletes regain mobility, reduce pain, prevent disability, and improve their overall health and fitness. It is important that athletes understand that therapy is crucial to preventing injuries, not just rehabbing from them. Our neighbors at Evolve Physical Therapy believe that individually designed treatment and exercise programs should be based on an in-depth evaluation of the patient. Their advanced, hands-on manual therapy techniques lead to maximum rehabilitation and restoration of function, as well as prevention of future injury. We’re partnering up with Evolve to exclusively offer their services for our athletes AND parents at a discounted rate!

One-on-one, 30-minute personal training session ($55.00/session)

Sport Specific evaluation which includes ($55.00/evaluation):

1.  Musculoskeletal evaluation
2.  Postural analysis
3.  Identification of strength and flexibility deficits
4.  Sport-specific asymmetries
For additional program offerings, please visit their website at www.kgpt.com
To schedule an appointment, email Annie Fonte (amf@kgpt.com)