Olympic Track Classes - Team Touche'
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Olympic Track Classes

Alpha Dog Athletes are Team Touché’s fiercest competitors.  The goal for these athletes is to compete on the National level, with hopes for the World Cup and the Olympics. At Team Touché, we will do everything we can to propel them to compete in the international arena.  The fencers in this program are encouraged to train up to six days a week and often fence a tournament on the seventh day! Alpha dog fencers participate in a rigorous program that includes sparring, Top Dog class time, and 3 private lessons per week. Alpha Dog athletes will also receive private video analysis in one-on-one sessions with Coach Tedd.

  • Top Dog Classes
  • Open Fencing
  • Alpha Dog sparring sessions (strip coaching included)
  • Monthly Athlete Evaluation – parent, student, coach meeting
  • 3 Private Lessons per week
  • Weekly Parent Correspondence – Sparring Video Clips
  • Tournament Coaches’ Eye Analysis
  • End of Season Written/Practical Exams
  • One on One Weekly Film Analysis of Tournament Footage or Fencing Replay

Program Options

Options Time Cost
Alpha Dog Foil Mon-Sat $400/month
(Regimented 6 days/week training)
Alpha Dog Epee Mon-Sat $400/month
(Regimented 6 days/week training)
Alpha Dog Sabre Mon-Sat $400/month
(Regimented 6 days/week training)