Fencing Summer Camps - Team Touche'
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Fencing Summer Camps

Fencing Summer Camps

Team Touche offers week long day camps throughout the summer. Children thrust and lunge their way to fitness in classes taught by fun, energetic fencing pros. Students are guaranteed to improve their posture, cardiovascular fitness, and problem-solving skills while they learn the basics of swordsmanship. Coaches also encourage children to use their imagination to create their own unique theatrical fencing sketch for moms and dads on the last day of each camp. All summer camp participants are also invited to an exciting end of summer fencing tournament where they can put their new skills to the test.

Additional camp information can be found here.

Programs include:

  • All safety gear and equipment; just come dressed in athletic clothes and ready for excitement!
  • Special events such as archery and running a Medieval sword fighting clinic- too much fun!
  • Instruction covering beginner to advanced techniques and multiple weapons: foil, epee, & sabre.


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