Congratulations to Our College-bound Seniors! - Team Touche'
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Congratulations to Our College-bound Seniors!

Congratulations to Our College-bound Seniors!

Please join us in congratulating Philippe Guy (Sabre), Alex Leonelli (sabre), Nikhil Madan (foil), and Sydney Appel (3W) on their acceptance into college!

Philippe Guy, the 2014 Cadet Summer Nationals gold medalist will be joining and fencing for Harvard University (Cambridge, MA) in 2016. He’s planning on majoring in Economics,  and joining a star-studded fencing team that includes Olympian Eli Dershowitz.

Alex Leonelli will be attending the University of California, San Diego. He will be majoring in physics, and join a team with 4 2016 NCAA Finalists, including the bronze medal winner of women’s sabre, Leanne Singleton-Comfort. With any luck, our sabre fencers will still get a chance to fence with him from time to time at the club!

Nikhil Madan is inbound to the University of California, Los Angeles, where he plans on studying neuroscience. He’ll have the opportunity to compete with the UCLA fencing club team.

Sydney Appel will be attending Franklin and Marshall College (Lancaster, PA), and hopes to fence and compete with the F&M fencing club!

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