Junior Coaching - Team Touche'
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Junior Coaching


In the TTFC Junior Coach Training program, we teach passionate teen fencers how to train youth, be leaders, and encourage them to spread their love for fencing among children in the community. The program trains volunteer junior coaches in a very organized, efficient, and fun way. There are many opportunities to run parts of class, get rewards, connect with other fencers, and get help from ProStaff. Throughout the two-month-long program, the rising coaches are treated as adults to make sure that when they complete the training they will be responsible, knowledgeable, and strong leaders.

During the training program, junior coaches have to perform tasks to help ProStaff run classes, make sure the equipment works, and keep the club clean. These tasks range from helping students find the right-sized fencing gear to washing fencing masks to explaining to students how a fencing tournament runs. We teach junior coaches how to run exercises such as warmup games and stretches, how to keep young kids’ attention, how to explain and run fencing drills, etc.

At the end of the training program, the junior coach takes two exams – one practical and one written. The exams measure – among other things – the coach’s ability to manage a group of young students, know what to do in the case of an emergency, and be able to explain all of the 3-weapon drills to the class. After passing these tests, the trainee finally becomes a Junior Coach, and begins helping run 3-weapon classes on a weekly basis. Junior coaches also receive a junior coaches’ patch for their jacket and other rewards.

For more information and to sign up, please contact Head Junior Coach Daniil Magaril (aka Captain Eddie) or Coach Joanne Edelstein.