Eduard Zilinskiy – Foil & Epee Coach - Team Touche'
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Eduard Zilinskiy – Foil & Epee Coach

Eduard Zilinskiy

Foil & Epee Coach

Coach Eduard was first introduced to fencing at 8 years old but had been exposed to fencing from the day he was born. Because his mother and grandfather are both coaches, it piqued his interest.

Throughout the years, coach Ed has competed in countless tournaments and has displayed some amazing results. Ed won gold in Team Men’s Foil at the 2012 Summer Nationals in Men’s Foil. In 2012, he joined UCSD’s Fencing team. Shortly after, he won Silver in Men’s Team Foil at the 2014 December NAC in Virginia Beach. In 2015, he placed third in Division 1A Men’s Epee. In 2013, he placed in the top 8, in foil, at the Bladerunner ROC. In 2015, he placed top 8 in epee at BladeRunner ROC. In 2015, he competed in the ROC of Rockies in Colorado and placed 2nd in Epee (3rd in foil), beating the Junior World champion along the way.

Coach Ed is currently studying Human Biology and Biochemistry at UCSD. When he’s not studying or coaching, he’s at Team Touche training for his next tournament.

“I hope to keep the athletes engaged in fencing, as well as providing an environment where growth is the most important principle. Students will develop in many different ways, on and off the fencing strip. It’s important to stay engaged in your passion, leading to personal growth.”