About the Club - Team Touche'
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About the Club

As San Diego’s premier fencing club, with more than 150 active members, Team Touché helps refine free-swinging students into deft deflectors and Z-carving virtuosos while providing a fun and engaging fitness activity. Fencing has long been used to improve reaction time, dexterity, grace, and chopstick wielding while strengthening muscles and developing speed. At Team Touché, students will be able to glean helpful knowledge and techniques from a group of coaches boasting many years of experience and a bevy of swashbuckling high-seas tales. Participants can choose from a selection of classes that instruct youths and adults of varying skill levels. Additionally, students can take advantage of state-of-the-art facilities and top-notch fencing equipment that would spark jealousy in even the most humble musketeer (probably Athos). Pursue whole-body fitness while partaking in an engaging activity at the Team Touché Fencing Center.