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Important Coronavirus Updates

Important Coronavirus Updates

For a Healthier Club Environment

Good health and wellness are everyone’s responsibility. With growing concerns about the coronavirus and flu, we’re increasing the frequency of our cleaning processes to ensure a cleaner and more sanitized environment for our clients and staff.

We politely ask that if you or your child are experiencing any flu/cold-like symptoms to refrain from attending practice. This request is a courtesy to all of our other clients.

The United States Fencing Association (USFA) has notified the fencing community that it’s no longer necessary to shake hands with the opponent after a fencing bout. We are also encouraging our students to reduce physical contact to a minimum. After a fencing bout, good sportsmanlike conduct can be seen from a verbal perspective.

Many schools in the greater San Diego area have suspended until further notice. We understand the negative implications that this may have on families and we’d like to lend a helping hand. To accommodate the schedule changes of schools and to create intimate class sizes, we’re opening the idea of mid-day classes and private lessons. These mid-day sessions will be in addition to the existing class times.
If interested in mid-day sessions or private lessons, please contact us directly. We’ll be more than happy to assist to individual requests.
In addition to having a biologist technician assist us in our cleaning efforts, we have taken the following measures:
  • Daily cleaning and sanitizing between classes are occuring
  • Little to no contact between students. Students generally 3-6 feet apart while fencing
  • Daily capacity at roughly 25-30 students at a time
  • All students now required to provide close contact equipment (mask, glove, jacket)
  • Company no travel policy in place
  • Sanitizing products accessible around facility


Thank you for everyone’s cooperation. We appreciate the vigilance and proactiveness towards better wellness for all.


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