Warrior Camp - Team Touche'
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Warrior Camp

This summer, get ready for a week of action, adventure, and heroics at Team Touche’s popular Warrior Camp summer program. In this week-long day camp, kids will have fun (and get plenty of exercise!) learning about a selection of noteworthy historical warriors: Viking adventurers, knights in armor, and daring archers and yeomen! Participants will discover historical facts about the warriors of the medieval world; get an up-close, hands-on look at authentic chain mail, swords, and armor; and, of course, take part in plenty of exciting, active battles and team games under the supervision of Team Touche’s coaching staff – all with a emphasis on the “warrior’s code” of honor and chivalry. Unleash your inner warrior at Warrior Camp.

In this “warrior face-off” style camp, children will learn the history of three famous warrior cultures, and choose their favorite as they take part in a series of safe, friendly games that emphasize both competition and collaboration.
Warrior Camp is produced in partnership with San Diego’s award-winning Chivalry Today Educational Program, and gives kids a whole week of active, cooperative play as they imagine themselves becoming one of the heroes from their favorite movie, book, or video game. Children learn safety, respect, responsibility, and the ideals of the code of honor as they take on the many challenges presented in Warrior Camp!

Reserving Your Child’s Space In Camp:

Warrior Camp minimum age requirement: 8 & Up.

You may reserve your child’s space in camp with a non-refundable $100 deposit. Check, cash, Visa/MC.

If your child cannot make the camp for any reasons, we will do our best to include them in a later camp. Financial assistance available.

Camp Dates

June 21 – June 25
July 19 – July 23

Warrior Camp Experience Includes:
  • Daily “hands on” experience with realistic arms and armor;
  • Circuit training sessions to learn “battle skills” with safety foam swords and other weapons;
  • An outdoor archery and javelin range;
  • Active teamwork exercises: obstacle courses, shield wall marching, and warrior dodge ball;
  • Warrior crafts: Norse woodwork, heraldic design, and medieval dancing.;
  • Tournaments with the warriors’ weapon of choice;
  • Melees and capture-the-flag tactical games.
Warrior Camp Schedule:

Monday-The Saxon shield wall
Tuesday-Knights of Armor
Wednesday-Archers and freelancers
Thursday-Warriors Assemble! Campers practice their new battle skills!
Friday-Tournament competition and capture the flag melee
*Friday’s activities will also include a “warrior parade” and a brief award ceremony beginning at 3 pm. Parents and friends are encouraged to attend.

What Your Child Should Bring

Closed-toed Non Marking light soled shoes (no crocks or sandals please)

Face mask covering

Snack, drink

All safety equipment is provided by Chivalry Today and Team Touché

Program Options


WARRIOR CAMP|Mon-Fri~~09:00am – 12:30pm|$350

EXTENDED HOUR CAMP|Mon-Fri~~8:00am – 3:00pm|$550